My favourite moisturizer (must have)

I’d like to start by saying I’ve never used Bobbi Brown products before.
My skin has been so dry all winter. This product has smoothed my skin and given me a fresh glow.
It provided enough moisture in my dryer areas that I did not feel or see the dry patches on my face after applying makeup. For the moisturizing purposes I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Also I tried this as a primer because it states that it can be used for both. It did very nice with my foundation! I wouldn’t say it minimized my pores but I did feel like my makeup laid better on my skin! I did not have any trouble with it interfering with my foundation and causing any problems. I absolutely LOVE it.
It smells very citrusy which i love. Then, I was impressed by the consistency, it’s a nice thick white “moisturizer” .
I applied it with my fingers.
Overall, I am pleasantly surprised and I will totally purchase this when I run out.
I would recommend it.
If you guys are interested here is the link to purchase
Thank you for reading this far.

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Hik Ahmed

Hi, My name is Hikma, from Calgary Alberta. I’m in the Digital Business world and you can too!! I’ve seen so many successful people around me from all walks of life Become a DIGITAL Entrepreneur. Today I want to help others to run a business by themselves.

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